Swarovski Strategy Event


In September 2017, the Swarovski management announced their new consumer goods business strategy (CGB). Harry Heusser was hired to direct the event, which took place at the Swarovski headquarters in Männedorf, Zurich and was streamed live on the Swarovski intranet and watched worldwide (Swarovski has 32,000 employees worldwide!). Heusser supported Swarovski and the moderator from management in the dramaturgy of the event and also coached the entire management in the run-up to the event.

Change ist King! Harry Heusser assists with change processes.

With Harry Heusser’s experience in change processes, his knowledge in the presentation of strategic information gained through journalistic work, and through years of collaboration with television presenters, he was able to prepare the management perfectly for the event with valuable feedback and decisive input.

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