With the right dramatic suspense, the goal is already in sight. Viewers and participants ride the suspense like a wave to amazing moments and brilliant finales, which Harry Heusser achieves via dramaturgical means.

Since 2008, he has been a lecturer for Event Dramaturgy at HWZ (University of Applied Sciences, Zurich). Working with performance-hungry and motivated students enriches his work every year. And for the students, his experience and didactic talent bring joy


Very exciting lessons in the field of dramaturgy (varied teaching with all media (flipcharts, projectors, film, sound, slides, group work, and a lot of practical knowledge is taught) the project for qualified certification was fantastic (only one of the 5 senses can be used) I made my best (so far) podcast! Friendly teacher, good at teaching.

Students (2012)

Today, the school management reviewed the semester evaluations of our students for the last semester. We were happy to find out what excellent reviews you received. So I give you, also on behalf of the school management, my congratulations and look forward to further good cooperation.

School Management (2009)

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