Raiffeisen Schweiz

With DialogPlus, Harry Heusser gave a face to Raiffeisen Dialogue, a process for introducing the new Raiffeisen basic strategy, and concluded the strategy change with a sensational finale. Harry put all 10,000 employees at the centre of the action on the day of the event, enormously increasing their understanding of the change process and allowing participants to experience an unforgettable day and evening. After DialogPlus 98 % of the employees knew the basic strategy of the company and a whole 94 % could make their very own contribution to implement the strategy.

More about the concept at www.thenextcase.ch

Dialogue, participation, workshop, and show. A unique concept for an incomparable day.

I am now firmly convinced that people can only deliver peak performance when they really understand the meaning of what they do in their everyday lives, and that this meaning has to be brought together in an organisation in order to make something greater. The individual needs to know that what they do is a part of what the organisation as a whole needs.

– Michael Auer, GL Member Raiffeisen Switzerland

Update and interaction.

With Newsroom and the DialogWeb.

A world record! LipDub.

Something special was to happen in the last session of the day, something that emotionally touches all 10,000 employees at the end of the working day. Harry Heusser produced a hit song especially for it with text in the four national languages, which conveys Raiffeisen values. In an unbelievable 75 minutes – including briefing and a trial run – the Raiffeisen employees who recorded and sang the song created a one camera take recording, the world’s largest lipdub ever made.

A logistical coup.

More information about the concept and the creators

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